Here at GDSC JSSSTU we put the fun in functions and events. Attend Study Jams / Hackathon / Developer Conferences to learn more about the latest technologies. Interested in being a Speaker at one of our events? Just drop us your Proposal.
GDSC ELEVATE | EP 02: Competitive Programming vs Projects8th of April, 2022GDSC Elevate Episode 2 explained the pros and cons of competitive programming and development. It elucidated open source. It also shared valuable resources to excel at the same. It furthermore counselled on how to accomplish a balance of Competitive Programming and Projects.
GDSC Break-Chain24th of April, 2022GDSC Break-Chain was a one-day workshop on Blockchain Technology and Development. The workshop introduced the students to the concepts of Blockchain Technology and gave a glimpse into the future of the web. It ended with a hands-on project that the students got to work on with assistance from our student volunteers.
Tic-Tech-Toe12th of April, 2022Tic-Tech-Toe was an event held exclusively to welcome the first years in to their interested technical domains. To allow a smooth introduction to the freshers , 8 speakers spoke fluently on 8 different domains. A query session was held for solving any doubts on the official discord community of GDSC-JSSSTU.
7 Days of DSA20th to 26th of January, 20227 Days of DSA was an online event on our community discord server under the channel #7daysofDSA. It was triumphant in fulfilling its objectives of sharing the most valuable resources and LeetCode problems on Data Structures and Algorithms developed by the technical team for consecutive seven days. Participants could track their progress with access to the tracking feature. After having shared the resources, there were regular interactive sessions where the technical team cleared the doubts of the participants.
GDSC ELEVATE | EP 01: Resume 10129th of November, 2021GDSC Elevate is a series of episodes that is objective to provide guidance on soft skills, networking, resume building, communication skills, the importance of having a LinkedIn account, how to set up one, and many more. GDSC Elevate Series is your guiding light to learn things that are not in our syllabus but are extremely essential.
Explore ML27th November and 28th of November, 2021An interactive and informative two-day workshop on Machine learning conducted offline with hands-on application of the concepts and explanation of Machine Learning concepts from the scratch.
Git Set CodeOctober 8, 2021An online live event which dawned light upon topics such as Version Control System, Git, Open Source Contribution and Open Source Community Events which concluded with a Q&A interaction, further encouraging students to participate in hacktober Projects.
30 Days of Google CloudSeptember 27, 2021A 30 days online event where the participants are intended to learn basics of Google cloud computing, Google assistant, machine learning, Al, Kubernetes with the assistance of Google Cloud's training program called Qwiklabs. After completion of the program, the participants received Google cloud certificate, skill badge on completion of quests and cool Google Cloud goodies. Poorvi Shetty was the facilitator for the event who helped out the participants with their queries along the way.
The Community HourJune 28, 2021The Community Hour was an interactive conversation event on various topics like Graphic Designing, UI/UX, Photography, Content Creation, mobile app development, placement queries, thoughts on different operating systems etc
DSC Samvad | 02 Road to AbroadApril 27, 2021Continuing the legacy of episode 1, DSC Samvad was back with its inspirational/informative talk with the objective of planning students' educational journey abroad. The speaker Indrajeet Prasad was triumphant in providing a roadmap to students in pursuing further education in Europe, myriad perks and scholarships opportunities.
Actions on GoogleFebraury 25, 2021A technical event where we taught students to extend the functionality of Google Assistant with Actions. The event was facilitated by two core team members. Across-the-board all the partakers were indulged in formulating their own AI for their food ordering app with a doubt clearing session in the end.
DSC LIT - Link Interact ThinkFebraury 15, 2021This successful fun event incorporated an introduction to GDSC JSSSTU as well as a quick start to Google's Solution Challenge. This was the first offline event conducted in the term 2020-21. Students actively participated in various fun activities like pictionary, tic-tac-toe, hit the cans, and won many schwags and prizes. Students were given a brief introduction about the Solution Challenge and they were motivated to participate in it.
DSC WOWDecember 7, 2020DSC WOW is a collaborative event of 100+ DSCs from India, who have joined hands to bring together students, developers and communities under the same roof. They can attain knowledge from highly experienced industry professionals and can also polish their coding skills, or maybe just get started with their programming journey. DSC WOW stands for 'DSC Week of Wonders'. In addition to various sessions by the best speakers in their domains, there was a 48-hour hackathon called 'CodeOffDuty' with amazing problem statements and prizes!
Android Study JamsNovember 25, 2020Android Study Jams are community-organized study groups for people learning how to build Android apps. It is a self-paced course where you have to follow the tracks and complete the tasks on the website, at the comfort of your home. Our facilitator, Puneeth B S, will be clearing your doubts related to Android and guide you to complete the course tracks. The best apps developed by the participants at the end of the program will stand a chance to be showcased by Google on its blogs & social media. This event is a part of Android Study Jam and will be focus on fundamentals of Kotlin programming language to become an Android Developer.
DSC Samvad | 01. Behind The Scenes of ResearchNovember 7, 2020One of its kind, DSC Samvad is a series of intriguing talks with the most influential and tech-savvy speakers. This series aimed to share knowledge differently with students and give them the extra push to achieve their goals. These interactive sessions with speakers boosted students' confidence and helped change their perspective towards prospective domains and career options.
30 Days of Google CloudOctober 5, 202030 Days of Google Cloud program provided an opportunity to kickstart our career in cloud and get hands-on practice on Google Cloud Platform - the tool that powers apps like Google Search, Gmail and YouTube. As soon as the word was out about this unique and wonderful opportunity, all our peers and fellow students were eager to get enrolled and learn more about the technicalities of cloud. The program commenced on the 26th of September 2020 and concluded on the 5th of November 2020. Along the way we had our campus facilitator, Mr.Vijeth Vaishnav D (3rd year,CS) who was specially trained by Google India Team to guide the students and he supported each and every student unconditionally throughout their journey. It was a successful program in which 164 students enrolled themselves from JSS STU.
Recruitment Drive - 2020September 19, 2020It was time to set new goals with higher expectations from all. The recruitment was divided into phases to find the polished ones of all. The first phase was an online test on 19th September conducted on HackerEarth platform for both Technical and Organisational positions with domain-specific questions such as coding, aptitude and problem-solving. After arduous aftermath, we went forward with 39 participants for the 2nd phase as an interview session held between 22nd - 24th September. Here, the organizational inquisitive participants went through a comprehensive interview about their endeavours. The technical participants on the other hand were asked about their deep knowledge and proficiency in the realm they are good at. Both the domains had their HR awaiting on 27th September. Definitely, it wasn't a simple procedure to decide on the best amongst the crowd as all were great at their respective domains but after various meetings, we surfaced 13 participants joining our core team of DSC JSSSTU for the year 2020-21.
MPTsJune 7, 2020Series of Mock Placement Tests were conducted on June 7th & June 14th, 2020. This marked our first virtual event & got a massive response by having more than 500 registrations from across Karnataka. MPT is a Coding+Aptitude test, similar to our placement tests. Timed practice and preperation will be your baby steps to ace your placements. Apply what you've studied till now in a placement test which is as close to the real one as possible. Amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic, this series turned out to be a boon for those appearing for placements. This was a national-level event with a turnout of 800+ students attending from all corners of the country.
WiDS Datathon WorkshopFebruary 19, 2020DSC JSSSTU along with WiDS Mysuru conducted this Datathon Workshop. A total of 44 students attended the workshop of which 27 were girls. The speaker, Usha Rengaraju, a principal Data Scientist, Polymath and the lead ambassador of WiDS Mysore, gave the students a hands-on experience on Kaggle. She gave a demo on how to make submissions for datathon using a sample data set, how to fork notebooks and much more. She also made students visualise data sets using various visualisation tools such as matplotlib and pandas. Python Refresher course was conducted for students who were not very confident with it, which revised python concepts in brief. Usha also mentioned about the vast opportunities that the Kaggle platform holds for all the budding Data Scientists and how they can take baby steps into Deep learning. It was great to see someone as experienced and knowledgeable as her to bring in so much enthusiasm and keep the students engaged for a duration of 5 hours.
Android Workshop for Differently Abled StudentsOctober 19, 2019Android Workshop for Differently Abled Students on campus. We had a total of 54 attendees. Around 40 attendees were deaf and mute. With 6 days of intense planning, survey, and debate the team put up a successful workshop and achieved the outcomes in a very short time. the app. The students learned the fundamentals of Android Studio and developed a simple app and ALL the students successfully developed the application and exported it to their smartphones. All this in just 3 hr duration. It was amazing to see students put in their creativity in developing. This opportunity for the PDA students to get a hands on experience on android studio was our first step to start an Android Dev Community on campus. With another successful workshop conducted, DSC JSSSTU continues to reach out to students and prepares them to tackle new challenges!
Explore ML WorkshopOctober 12, 2019Our first Google AI - Explore ML workshop was conducted on 12th and 13th of October 2019. Around 120 participants attended this workshop. It was a two day workshop which covered ML at basic and intermediate levels. On the first day attendees were introduced to the concept of ML and its applications and also the opportunities it beholds. We also conducted fun tutorials to explain ML in simple terms. Neural networks and tensor flow were covered on the first day. The second day mainly focused on the math behind ML, hence topics like regression, vectorization, linear algebra, linear regression were familiarised. By the end of the second day attendees were asked to code on Google Colabs and get a hands on experience of ML. In order to review the understanding of participants a fun interactive quiz called Kahoot was conducted which assessed their knowledge for the day. Winners of the quiz were given goodies. This workshop received an overwhelming response from the participants and we are looking forward to having another ML workshop later in the month of November.
Recruitment Drive - 2019September 19, 2019A recruitment drive was organised to expand our core team. On 19th september, an online test was conducted on hackerearth platform. The recruitment was for technical and organisational domains. There were multiple choice questions related to machine learning, data structures and three programming questions for the technical domain. The participants were given freedom to code in any language of their choice. The organisational role aspirants were tested on their managerial skills. Around 44 were shortlisted for the interview round. The shortlisted candidates were interviewed on 21 st september by their respective domain panels . Henceforth by the end of this interview ,it led us to select 13 new ambitious learners with would continue the journey with us in DSC JSSSTU.
WebHooks - Frontend CompetitionSeptember 7, 2019To introduce students to web designing WebHooks was conducted which is a frontend design competition for a duration of 3 hours. Participants were asked to design four webpages. Initially a prototype was displayed and the participants were given freedom to pitch-in their ideas and creativity in their webpages. Later a bonus page was displayed which tested their knowledge and understanding level. The participants enthusiastically took part in the competition and made it a great success. Five people were shortlisted and were interviewed further. The selected candidates would be trained by DSC JSSSTU to become full stack developers. They are now interns and would be working on real projects. They would also play a prominent role in designing the Computer Science Department’s web page in JSSSTU website.
BIOSAugust 27, 2019BIOS (Breakfree • Interact • Openup • Socialize) was the first fun event with more than 230 attendees which was thus a proud moment for us. The event highlighted about the role of DSC and the virtues of being a part of it. This event centralized its view about the ZERO HOUR Session which focused on the idea behind the DSC club and how it would be beneficial to the students and the society. To make the event more fun and student interactive, we conducted a few activities like Google trends, tower of Hanoi, quiz on the trending technologies, treasure hunt etc.We concluded the event by giving away goodies to the participants encouraging them to stay connected for more exciting events and workshops in the future
KTECH BootcampAugust 6, 2019Our club successfully hosted the Startup Karnataka Bootcamp funded by the Government of Karnataka was conducted on 6th August, 2019 from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 a.m with 120 registrations and 94 people participating in the workshop. The event was graced by the Principal TN Nagabushan, Dr. M P Pushpalata, HOD CS&E department, who was also the coordinator of the event, and STEP SJCE CEO Shivshankar. The objective of the event was: Incorporate, Incubate, Execute and Accelerate. Students got to learn how to setup a successful startup from experienced resourceful persons from Ktech and SJCE STEP CEO. The University alumni Mr. Harsha who holds 45 patents and is also the founder of HoloSuit also shared his ideas and projects. The DSC team got to interact with the Students and get to explore their amazing new ideas.The core team members along with resource persons gave feedback to the students on how they can improve their ideas. The DSC team will be providing support to the students who want to provide services through Android & Web, and the funding will be done by the Government & the University on few selected projects.
Google Cloud Career Readiness ProgramAugust 3, 2019We successfully conducted the introduction and hands on training of Google cloud awareness program to help students prepare for careers in cloud world. With the help of Google cloud team, it lead to the participation of 76 attendees along with our professor Divakara N and associate professor Shruthi M N. This program thus provided a pathway to achieve the industry recognized Associate Cloud Engineer Certification and 1 GCP essential quest was completed by all. Each person got two online Google badge i.e. GCP essential badge and Cloud Study Jam-Kubernetes Engine: Qwik start badge and Goodies were also provided to all the attendees. This session would definitely be incomplete without the collaborative work of the DSC core team which included the women volunteers too, be it the photography or the volunteers readily available during the entire session that made sure that none of the attendees undergo any kind of confusion during the entire session. The session was concluded with the Principal addressing the benefits of hosting such events which ignites the young minds with the passion to compete for new ideas. A special thanks to the Google team who lead the students through the journey & helped them enhance their learning in the fields of cloud computing which lead the attendee’s minds show interest in it.
KTECH IdeathonApril 24, 2019DSC JSSTU successfully hosted WebHooks, a frontend design competition for a duration of 3 hours. Participants were asked to design four webpages. Initially a prototype was displayed and the participants were given freedom to pitch-in their ideas and creativity in their webpages. Later a bonus page was displayed which tested their knowledge and understanding level. The participants enthusiastically took part in the competition and made it a great success. Five people were shortlisted and were interviewed further. The selected candidates would be trained by DSC JSSSTU to become full stack developers. They are now interns and would be working on real projects. They would also play a prominent role in designing the Computer Science Department’s web page in JSSSTU website.
Google Cloud Study JamMarch 9, 2019We successfully conducted the introduction and hands on training of Google Cloud Platform to help students prepare for cloud careers in tech world. This was the very first event conducted by DSC JSSSTU.